What happens if I didn't get connected to my psychic?

It is possible that the psychic you chose took a reading with another customer or logged off while you were trying to reach them. We recommend finding a different psychic.

We pre-authorize every transaction to verify your payment method because we do not know what the length of your reading will be. If you were not able to connect with your psychic, then the pre-authorization hold will be released within 2 hours. You can still try to connect with another psychic within those 2 hours. If you try to connect with a psychic after 2 hours, then another pre-authorization hold will be placed on your account.

Although we release pre-authorization holds within 2 hours, it is up to your financial institution to clear the hold from your account.

  • Banks can take anywhere from 1-8 days to clear the pre-authorization.
  • Credit card companies and PayPal can take up to 30 days to clear the pre-authorization.

Please contact your financial institution to learn more about their specific policy.

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