How much does a psychic reading cost?

All phone and chat readings are $0.99/min. or $1.99/min.

We pre-authorize every transaction to verify your payment method because we do not know what the length of your reading will be. Pre-authorization is a common practice for many industries such as gas stations, hotels, and car rental companies.

  • For your first reading or whenever you add a new payment method, we will place a temporary hold on your account equivalent to a 30-minute reading in the amount of $29.70 for a $0.99 psychic or $59.70 for a $1.99 psychic.
  • Once your reading is completed, the pre-authorization will be cleared and you will only be charged for the length of your reading.
  • After your first successful transaction, all following pre-authorization holds will only be $1 for phone or chat readings, as long as your account is in good standing.

To learn more, please visit Pricing.